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Just like you need to train your muscles all over your body, arms, shoulders, etc. Mostly your daily job won’t do, because the brain has to be challenged and most jobs will always have some routine, while the brain needs the challenge to improve itself.

Luckily there is a (simplistic) method that keeps challenging the brain. It works on your working memory and fluid intelligence (Gf). It will improve your working memory and Fluid Intelligence (Gf). Fluid Intelligence is the capacity to reason and solve novel problems, identifying patterns and relationships, independent of knowledge. You can imagine it’s kind of hard to identify patterns and relationships when your short term memory is failing you. This is not a fixed issue. People with adhd/add have improved their symptoms with this method. See the resources further in this article about adhd/add. You can train your working memory for improvement. Just like in the gym, for some people it is hard to endure, especially if they don’t like the training. Goal setting is one thing, but also it so much easier when you enjoy to train and want to come back each day. Lucid hangout is so engaging to do that you keep wanting to come back each day.

Lucid Hangout is based on the N-back method which has been subject to scientific reasearch for more than 10 years and still going. It’s such an interesting topic still. Here are some resources.

I know scientists fight other scientists and will oppose their hard work, especially if one group found something that really could be a benefit to people’s life. But with so many positive testimonials and still so many n-back users after so many years, there is only one right conclusion and that is (dual) n-back works for your brain.

The longer you train, the more you gain. Don’t overdo it, just about 4 or 5 times a week is enough for 20 minutes. Especially when you are stuck at one level, you might feel bad about that. But actually that means you are doing a proper workout. But for example, with 1-back you have to remember a sound and a position on the screen 1 time ago and you would hardly have any problems with this that means you have to move a level up! You can see in the embedded video what happens in your brain then, actually not a lot at this point, until you are at a n-back level you have problems with, the brain scans show a lot of activity this time.

While it is suggested to do evenening sessions, using your device with too much brightness in your eyes can cause sleeping problems. This is the reason the app is designed with a dark background and won’t give much light. It is better to train mid-day than not at all and you can play it while the sun is fully shining at your display and you will still be able to play properly, even if you have sunglasses on.






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