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Lucid Hangout is the best brain training N-Back app around because of the ease of use, smoothness, styling, music and special effects. The other N-Back games don’t have the superb randomized gameplay Lucid Hangout has, to avoid repetitive games and really improve your coginitive skills. 

N-Back has been the most researched brain training method and is known to really improve your brain and memory.  

N-Back is a very simplistic and powerful method that keeps challenging the brain. It works on your working memory and fluid intelligence (Gf). Fluid Intelligence is the capacity to reason and solve novel problems, identifying patterns and relationships, independent of knowledge. 

You can imagine it’s kind of hard to identify patterns and relationships when your short term memory is failing you a bit. This is not a fixed issue. People with adhd/add have improved their symptoms with this method. See the resources further in this article about adhd/add. You can train your working memory for improvement.








(Some amazing health tips you could do to improve (your brain) and health:)

  •  Intermittent fasting

We are told to eat 3 times a day, but is this always right? You can regrow your brain’s memory cells with autophagy. Unlike we are told, skipping your breakfast regularly will bring you amazing other health benefits, which can get your body in the state of autophagy.

  •  Less sugar, but you need fat!

Avoid sugar and buy the "full fat” articles as opposed to the low fat. Using full fat foods is a sound choice for your health. Taking apple cider vinegar has great benefits like controlling the blood sugar levels.

  • Vitamin D + K2

Vitamin D is important via sunlight and make sure you take sufficient vitamin K2 with it (cheese, yoghurt), this will bring the calcium where it’s needed, instead of the organs. Instead of eating fish that often is contaminated you may look for algae oils, that doesn’t have the toxins.

  • Liver cleansing

Many people have a congested liver without even knowing but causing all seemingly unrelated health issues, varying from mild to serious illnesses. For more information: https://www.ener-chi.com/tag/liver-cleanse/

Lucid Hangout is a must-have if you want to train your brain. And if you aren’t in for training you can always use it to test how sharp you are from time to time. Get it know on your mobile device! Available for iPhone and Android.










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