Dental fixes/ tic douloureu / headaches

A quick note for people who suffer root canal problems after they replaced their amalgam fillings. Sometimes the dentist goes too deep and hits the pulp in the tooth. I suffered a lot of pain because of this, but the tooth had no decay problems or whatever IMO.

It began with cold drinks which I couldn’t take without a lot of pain. After months this still occurred and instead of the pain disappearing I even got problems with warm drinks or food too after that. I had to rush to the sink to try to rinse the pain away with cold water.  Looking on some dentist’s site to it telled that the root nerves couldn’t be safed anymore. And the only option would be a root canal or pulling out the tooths… This just after replacing the amalgam fillings with composite ones.

After that it even got worse because I was developing tic douloureu which was excruciating. Not givng up I applied DMSO on the side of my face where the pain was: the pain went away like snow for the son. Also I resumed applying on the gum area for a couple of days and I don’t have any pain any more, not even with warm or cold drinks! And after weeks there are no problems at all any more and I even don’t have to take DMSO any more. Also for shingles DMSO is a also a great pain reliever. But in my case it even solved this dental root problem. I bet it works great for headaches too, much better than the regular pain killers which is not very good for your liver.

Different brain training studies show contradictive results

Dual n-back has been subject to many scientific studies. You can count on it there will be counter ‘evidence’ to be found on the internet. We have come to the point that we people aren't even allowed to use their common sense anymore by our gods of today: professors, doctors and other scientists. The best test to see if brain training works is to see it for yourself. 

Just like working out your muscles in the gym will finally make you stronger. When you actually get results is different for every person depending on how much you train. Why wouldn't 'brain training’ especially like dual n-back work also. That’s why it so nice to have out Lucid Hangout: brain trainer app, you want to come back each day to train more. You can monitor your own results with each session. So much is not known about the brain. How much does an IQ test tell really.

Some of these scientists seem to be somehow just scared of things that could actually help people in their lives, I see it on more subjects like this, see my article ‘Brain & health'. And then they come with some study with counter 'evidence', sometimes breaking down other scientists' hard work, making them look like a fool to make themselves feel better having the last word. There are many people out there who have the characteristic nature of a parasite, they live under our scientists of today for sure.

Don't take the last scientific study on something for granted and definite or they take away something that can benefit your life.

First Post

Hi there. I want to know. How did you improve your working memory and Fluid Intelliggence with dual n-back app Lucid Hangout. What level n-back do you achieve, how long did it take. What do you think about Lucid Hangout? Share your experiences!

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