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Excercising your body and brian alone isn’t enough, you need the proper nutrition. After years of research and experience I am happy to share this with you. Everybody knows you need to cut back your refined sugar intake and stay far away from corn-sirup as well as white flower. These hollow calories what they are you might think well what harm could they do, right? Well, in fact this is eating up your body instead of the sugar supplying you with energy. Why else would you feel so depleted after a while when you had taken sweet? This is actually happening. You can sweeten your coffee for instance with (proper, real) stevia. Some bastard manufactures call it stevja, which is less than 2 percent stevia and rest filled with junk. People buy because they get much ‘value’ or size for their money, they think.  

Your brain and body need healthy fat

The misconception, such as due to marketing, that fat is bad for you is detrimental. You need fat, your brain needs it badly, but not the fat you get from the fastfood store. Try some coconut fat in your dark roasted bio coffee, it’s really great. It is much used for people with dementia or alzheimer. Butter is also good, don’t use margerine. And use the right salt with your cooking, not the refined salt. Without the right salt or the amounts of it needed, your body cannot function properly.

B12 deficiency

Also a good thing is to have your b12 levels checked. Most people that have alzheimer’s disease or dementia have low b12 levels. Basically it is difficult to build your b12 levels, but with a 5 drops of b12-ND every day within 2 weeks your level will be replenished even if you had a deficiency.

Liver stones and parasites 

Unfortunately even having the proper nutrition isn’t doing you much good because might be full of  liver and gallbladder stones. Problem is you won’t notice it and you can’t even see the stones on an x-ray while they are there. I would recommend first reading Andreas Moritz’ book about this and do these liver flushes. There is a lot to read about it on the internet, the problem is you need to know more than one can summorize at one web page, otherwise it will cause you more harm than good.


Are you using statins or medicine for blood presure or blood thinners? Most medication have side effects like memory loss, brain fog or confusion which is no good for someone who wants to have good working brain. Please look if there really isn’t any alternative you can use. Drinking water also lowers your blood pressure and is also besides the obvious hydration neccessary to produce enough bile.

Amalgam fillings

Replace your amalgam fillings, because they are the main cause of having mercury in your brain causing them to shrink! All alzheimer and dementia patients do have abnormal brain shrinkage of about 25% as well as up to 3x more than the normal levels of mercury in their brain.

Better be safe than sorry, you would better get rid of those amalgam fillings.

From the dental industry I can imagine they don’t want all the patients make a claim of putting something dangerous in their mouths, so they keep hiding behind ‘we don’t have to prove it is safe’. And they love to keep their money in their pockets not caring about anybody but themselves.

Timothy 6:10 For the Love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

MSM, sulfur

MSM is also something you can take, it takes the heavy metals like mercury out from your brain and also most people have a shortage of this sulfur. You do need some kidney cleanses too which is part of the liver flush also. MSM  tastes horrible, but I find it good to take with apple cider vinegar, which has many health benefits. With apple cider vinegar you softly eliminate gallstones in your liver, because of malic acid in it.

With the proper level of sulfur from the MSM in your body, parasites can’t cling to your body any more and they have to let go and die. So MSM is on one side removing toxins with it and you need enough of it to nourish your body. Furthermore sulfur is one of the very important nutritions for your body, which is not so much more present in our foods of today, with the industrialized food industrie.

MMS, miracle solution

MMS is really something different than MSM, with some similar effects. It can be used to make clean fresh drinking water with just a few drops of MMS, but you can use it to cleanse your body from parasites and other bad things only without any negative side effects, leaving all good bacteria and such alone! This has to do with the positive charge of the illnesses. It is something you do for 3 weeks. There is tons of information to find on the internet also about this.

Update: together with DSMO mms is even more efficient and makes the taste much better. DSMO is a good pain killer and good for all sort of ailments also applied externally (on the skin, don’t use lotions, creams or anything like that first).


You must have heard about curcuma, but do you take it on a regular basis? You should. Just add one teespoon of bio curcuma in a tee glass, add 1/6 of pepper and add extra virgin olive oil to it and mix it a little to get some paste. Add hot water to it. I call it curcuma tee, and I find it actually quite pleasant. I noticed I hardly have any muscle aches any more after a workout, so I know this is a good way to take curcuma, which is known for the problem to have it absorbed by the body properly.

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